Manage the ground risk before you are about to embark on planning any projects!

The ground surface is usually different from what is anticipated underground. 

The early stage ground investigation can effectively evaluate what is hidden and allocate the cost among the affected parties.

Location Service Lines

image (1).png

When we start a project we must check the GIS( Geographic Information Systems ) to locate the underground service such as the existing waste/storm water lines. However, ofter the location is not accurate, therefore we use the locating underground services.

This is one of our projects, the location of the service line was wrong. This can be detected with the right cable locator and drainage surveyor.

Underground Rubbish/ Obstacles

image (2).png

During excavation, rubbish was found, which can cost more than anticipated to clear them all.

This can be avoided if we had investigated underground for any obstacles in advance.

Asbestos under ground

image (3).png

During excavation at one of our projects, we found asbestos underground.The project stopped for almost 6 months until we disposed of all of the asbestos safely and recovered  approval from the council to start again. This can be very expensive.