Are you considering to sell or purchasing a property?It is prudent to have the property checked for possible problems with building foundations or ground instability as it is most of the time hidden surprises cost when it comes to the underground.

Geotech Test

The local council often requires the Geotech Report or Soil Report to be provided for a building development. This is part of the Building Consent process.  

Rubbish Test

Many things under the ground can be hidden, one of them could be the rubbish. It may need to be removed before any foundation work starts.  

Rock Test

Finding out the suitable material for your construction projects and comply with the relevant regulatory standards, we recommend having the rock test

Asbestos test 

Asbestos contamination in the soil can be costly. This can often be overlooked and can exist around a large area surrounding a property. Asbestos fibres do not break down which means they will remain in the soil for an indefinite period of time. Better to check in advance!  

Cable locate

Underground Service Locators. This is the same as Cable Locators, it is an essential safety process in the preparation of any excavation project.  


How do we know what’s going on underground? Using the CCTV can help – highly equipped with cutting edge technology to provide a clear picture of your drainage underground  

CIVIL connection advice if any problems


Architectual advices

Cost estimation for CIVIL and Construction


Valuation Report



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